Travel Scholarship Program

Apply for a travel scholarship using the application link on this page.

Kansas SARE Scholarships are available for agricultural professionals to attend conferences to increase their knowledge of sustainable agriculture practices. Scholarship applicants must demonstrate a basic understanding of sustainable agriculture practices and how the educational opportunity will help them promote sustainable practices with their constituents as a result of their professional development experience. Knowledge gained should be applied to existing and new local programming upon completion of the event.   

All applications will be evaluated individually and decisions to fund travel scholarships will be based on the applicant's ability to link the educational opportunity with sustainable agriculture practices in their work. Applications with no relevant link to sustainable agriculture -- triple bottom line -- practices will not be funded.   

Travel scholarships are awarded as reimbursements. Reimbursable expenses include lodging, registration, meals, airfare and mileage. Those chosen for travel scholarships will be expected to complete a report immediately after the conference/event to receive their reimbursement. They will also be expected to complete a second report six to twelve months after the event to share how the information was used in their programming and the number of individuals with whom the information was shared.   

Travel grants amount limits are up to $300 for an in-state event and up to $1,000 for an out-of-state event.