About Us


The Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops (KCSAAC) was established by the 2000 State Legislature (K.S.A. 76-4, 103), out of concern for the survival of small farms in Kansas. 

The Center works with state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, environmental groups, and producer organizations to assist family farmers and ranchers to boost farm profitability, protect natural resources, and enhance rural communities.

The Center's administrative home is the K-State Research and Extension Programs Unit in the College of Agriculture. An Advisory Committee, consisting of producers and farm organization representatives, determine the long term direction and outcomes of the Center. The Advisory Committee assists the program coordinator in carrying out the mission of KCSAAC. Annual progress reports are submitted to the Kansas Legislature.


Mission Statement

To support small family-owned farms in Kansas through research, education and outreach focused on production, storage, processing, and marketing technologies that will boost small farm profitability, protect natural resources, and enhance rural communities.



  • Promote research, education, outreach and marketing for sustainable agriculture and alternative food, fiber and medical crops. Assist farmers to increase the farmers share of the food system dollar.

  • Collect and analyze basic information on the Kansas food system and opportunities for production and direct marketing .

  • Focus research on value added processing and new crops that offer low-volume, high margin niche opportunities.

  • Assist small farmers to access lower input costs through a delivery system with expanded access to sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Facilitate marketing assistance to promote products produced and processed in Kansas.

  • Expand small farm research to include organic products, less capital intensive investments, energy saving technology, and agricultural practices that reduce soil erosion and restore soil health.

  • Develop and distribute a guide of state services for small farms and value added agriculture.